Promote Your Android App – 1

This article is Part 1 of how you can get installs to you mobile app

We hope you used our wordpress plugin to convert your wordpress driven site to a fully native mobile app.

What After you publish your mobile app to Google play store ?

You need install to actually get the benefit of mobile app, so that you can be connected with your mobile users via push notifications. So it is very important to invest some time to get the mobile installs, best way to get the installs is to convert your site visitors to mobile app users.

Get Mobile app installs by adding this simple code to your website

(Please change the href to your own app link)
<a href=”″ target=”_blank” >
<img src=”” alt=”Download” />

It will look like this Android install button


Feel free to use any other image instead of the above one.

Best place to add this is on a sidebar or just after the post

Check Part 2 of How To Promote Android App Here

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