Toubleshoot: Push Notifications Are not Working

This is the trouble shoot doc for debugging on push notifications are not working on AndroApp via AndroApp wordpress plugin.

Go here, If your push notification are working for Android app and not working only for IOS app.

  1. If you are using v0 of push notifications
    1. Did you enter the correct Google/Firebase API Keys(associated with the project number) and entered in WordPress dashboard? double check step 13 here
  2. If you are using v1 of push notifications
    1. Did you download the firebase service account file to your web server and updated the path in the textbox on Account Settings tab?
    2. It should show the green message confirming we are able to read the file.
  3. Did you enter Firebase App ID? ex. 1:447538456741:android:2efde8542de19a66
  4. Did you enter the correct package name while creating your firebase project (step 6 ), please enter the package name you see in the email from us, ex. package name: mobi.androapp.bwerbvo.c9601
  5. Did you try SelfPush feature from AndroApp->Push Notifications tab? Try by checking Send Immediate checkbox and share the logs with us.
  6. Did you try sending push notification by enabling/disabling Bulk Send feature?
  7. Did you wait for 30 minutes after installing the app?
  8. Did you check the status table in AndroApp->Push notifications tab? there are 2 tables Push Notifications in Queue & Push Notifications Statistics, if you don’t select Send Immediate checkbox (Also when you publish a new post), you should see your notifications in Push Notifications in Queue table. Which are tried after 15 minutes when your cron runs.
  9. If you see UnAuthorized in the Send Immediate logs, double check your Google API Keys, it is wrong.
  10. Do you see this in the Androapp->Push Notifications tab?


We will suggest to try all above and if you still have issues in sending push notifications, please drop us an email with following details

  1. Your website link & apk link which you tested
  2. google-services.json file
  3. Full Screenshot of AndroApp->Account Settings tab
  4. Logs for the trial of Send Immediate
  5. Screenshot of both push notification table (it should have both entries with/without Bulk Send enabled)
  6. Does it work when using Send Immediate but not if you don’t select or it does not work in both the cases?

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Google Play Upload Failed due to Signing Issue


Note: This article is deprecated, with .aab support we allow Google to manage your signing keys, please see this post for more details.

Google has recently added a functionality to manage App Signing, where google gives you certificates to manage signing certificates for your app.

But We are androapp currently does not support individual signing certificates, so you might come across the below error while trying to upload the apk generated by us.

Upload failed

You uploaded an APK that is signed with a key that is also used to sign APKs that are delivered to users. Because you are enrolled in App Signing, you should sign your APK with a new key before you upload it.

How to fix?

Currently google does not provide any option to disable App Signing after you enable it, so you should create a new App entry with App Signing disabled.

When you will try to upload new production apk, you will be asked to Enroll for App Signing, please select Not Now

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