Supporting Latest Admob SDK

We recently updated Admob SDK, which also need admob application ID, thus you will have to update this in AndroApp->Account Settings tab and create a new apk from AndroApp->Look & Feel section.

Follow these steps to update application id

  1. Go to
  2. Find the application id by following the instructions in above link.
  3. Login to your wordpress admin dashboard and go to AndroApp->Account Settings tab
  4. update your application id here and click Save.
  5. Go to Look & Feel tab
  6. Generate new apk.
  7. Test if Admob ads are showing on this apk (ensure that you enter correct ad ids in Account & Settings tab).
  8. Publish this new apk to Google Play Store.

Please do note there are other reasons for ads not being shown i.e. no inventory, new account, payment section not completed etc.

  1. You should ensure that you fill payment info in your Google Admob account
  2. Test Ads after 24 hours of creating new app/Ad.
  3. Test with test ads
  4. Ensure that your entered admob application id in Account Settings tab and you are on app version 22.00.



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