Webview (in app) OR External Browser

By default all of your website’s urls are opened in webview(i.e. in the app).
similarly,  all external urls are opened in external browser by default.

We have added a feature to override this behavior, it is available since app version 11.02 (only in android version as of now).

Regex tricks which can be helpful

  1. Open all external links in app

Enter .* in Regex to open external url in app textbox

  1. Open links from selected hosts in app

Enter https://puzzlersworld.com.*|https://shipmycard.com* in Regex to open external url in app textbox

above will open all the urls from https://puzzlersworld.com and https://shipmycard.com in app, you can add multiple hosts separated by pipes(|).

If you are wondering on how to test the regex, use this nice website to check if the urls matches the regex you want to use: http://www.regexplanet.com/advanced/java/index.html

for above example, we tested it by entering

we got this output for above input

you can see that it evaluates to true for 1,2 & 4, that means regexes matches for the url’s in 1,2 & 4 and these url’s will be opened in app.

  1. Open some link from your site in mobile browser

Lets say we have an app created for https://bestsmswishes.com website and we want to open this link https://bestsmswishes.com/there-is-no-better-friend-than-a-sister/ in external browser, instead of in the app itself.

i will enter https://bestsmswishes.com/there-is-no-better-friend-than-a-sister/ in Regex to open your website url in mobile browser textbox

  1. Open all of your websites pdf links in mobile browser

enter .pdf* in Regex to open your website url in mobile browser textbox

This is a great way to handle some of your links differently, we will recommend playing around with the regex tool to handle your cases , once again here is the link for your reference: http://www.regexplanet.com/advanced/java/index.html



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