9 Steps guide to Setup Google Cloud Messaging Project

This guide will help you setup google api project for enabling push notification on your android app (created through androapp wordpress plugin).

Log in to https://code.google.com/apis/console

gcm setup

  1. Select create a project… from right side on header(select a project) dropdown
  2. Give a project name, give anything for your reference(it is not visible to end user)
  3. it will take some time for project to be created, approx 2 mins, after that you will be taken to your project page, OR Select your project name from the dropdown on the left.
  4. Type messaging under the library section and select “Google Cloud Messaging for Android
  5. Click Go to Credentials button
  6. Click on Create New Key button under Public API access
  7. Select Google cloud messaging for Android in the first dropdown
  8. Copy the API Key and paste in the textbox in androapp plugin settings page.
  9. Click on the setting icon(3 vertical dots) on top right, click on project information and copy project number from there, paste it in Settings->AndroApp->Account Settings Tab, this is nothing but sender id.

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