Promote Your Android App – 2

We hope you followed the Part 1 of the series and got some installs, in this article we are going to add top banner for your mobile visitors, to prompt them to download the mobile app.

Step 1: Install and activate this free wordpress plugin called AppBanners

Step 2: Go to Settings->App Banners

Step 3: Enter Your Android App ID

this is nothing but your package name, you can get your package name from the mail we send.

OR if this is your app link on google:

than your android app id will be mobi.androapp.storytal.c2123

Step 4: Fill other details

App Author: Your app name

App Price: FREE

App Title: Download Android App

App Icon: Upload your app icon to your website and paste the image link here

Text on button: Download

Duration in DAYS to hide the banner after being closed (0 = always show banner): we suggest to keep it 0 only

Duration in DAYS to hide the banner after ‘VIEW’ is clicked (0 = always show banner): 10

Do you want to output a viewport meta tag on your site?: If your site is already optimized for mobile users: un-check this option

Step 5: Click on Save Settings button at bottom

Step 6: Test it by opening the site on android device, this popup will only be visible on android devices.

This is how it should look



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