Introducing SelfPush in AndroApp Mobile app plugin for wordpress

What is SelfPush ?
It is the ability to send push notification anytime, now push notifications don’t only go for new posts, but you can even send push notification for any of your post anytime.

Why Selfpush ?
It gives you more control and more power, you can try triggering push notification at different time and see what gives you better result. some of your posts make sense on few days like festivals or any offers, you can use this at the time.

In the end, it is a tool to get more visitors on your app at no extra cost.

How SelfPush ?
Go to AndroApp -> Push Notifications
Enter your post id and hit Send Notification button.

SelfPush via AndroApp mobile app plugin
SelfPush via AndroApp mobile app plugin

What more ?

We now even show you push notification statistics on this page, where you can get an idea on around how many users are getting those push notifications.

We even did some backend performance improvements, where we have significantly reduced the number of db queries.

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