How to Test your app using TestFlight

  1. Login to
  2. Go to MyApps and select the app you want to test
  3. Select TestFlight tab and select your build you uploaded
  4. IF you see yellow icon with missing compliance, click on the build
  5. Now click on Provide Export Compliance Information button
  6. Select No, in Export Compliance Information (your app does use HTTPS though, to make call to but does not use any IOS, macOS encryption)
  7. Click on Add Testers to build OR create a new group was clicking on + icon
  8. Provide information of tester like email, firstname and lastname
  9. Enter your details, email, contact information and click on Next
  10. uncheck the sign in required
  11. Enter the information about the build, ex what to test and click on Submit for Review
  12. Your testers will receive email to test, they can install the TestFlight app and test out the app

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