Terms & Conditions

  1. You agree to pay a fee of $60/Year after your free terms expires OR you won’t have any problem in us using any ad slot as per our wish. (you might not be able to use any ad slot in your app, you are however free to put ads in your content)
  2. Price can be revised every year by a maximum of 10% / year.
  3. Your free terms starts from the time you generate your first build.
  4. You will not use the app for any sexual and prohibited content, which violates Android App/Admob Guidelines.
  5. We reserve the right to disable your app in case of any policy violations OR in general otherwise.
  6. We reserve the rights to disable push notifications for the apps (only for the apps who have not paid annual fee)
  7. We reserve the rights to change/add any Terms & Conditions without any notice

10 thoughts on “Terms & Conditions”

  1. Hi amar,

    You can publish it by going to this link: https://play.google.com/apps/publish

    OR if you are having trouble, we can do it for you for free from our account

    You need to give us
    1. One Application Icon of 512×512, same which is used to create the app.
    2. One feature graphic of 1024×500
    3. App Description
    4. 2-3 screenshots

  2. I am considering using your service to build an app from my website. Do I have the right to terminate the arrangement and transfer the app to a differing service? Also, I assume that the language about the ad slot means that you are allowed to run an ad on my app if I elect not to pay the fee after the first year. Is that correct. Your prices are reasonable compared to the competition, I just want to make sure what I am agreeing to.

  3. I am no longer able to generate build. A popup appears with the message: “By clicking on the button below you agree to our Terms & Conditions .
    Please generate the build from production server of http://app.xxx.com.br .
    Due to security issues , We do not allow to generate build for other ‘s website. “

  4. hello I have installed the plugin and i face a problem when I upload an incon of dimension 512×512 as required so that I can generate a build. After I upload the icon and save changes and then then click on generate build it says I have to Upload and Icon AGAIN i have uploaded it several times and it gives me the same result (error)

  5. hello…. i have generated new build request.plz send link.as well as i wish to submit my app on google play store with my own account.The fee required for that i can pay you.so plz help me with this.

  6. Dear Victor and Alvaro , Your problem is not because of the app. It is because of the cache you have installed. Before generating build go to the plugin and deactivate all cache and then generate a build. This will solve your problem

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