Create Android Mobile App for Your Wordpress Site in minutes

By installing our plugin, Without any Programming Knowledge


Push Notifications

Push Notification has highest hit ratio of about 90%, much more than email. Send automatic push notifications for new posts.


Monetize your app with 4 different ad spots, top, bottom, Listview and Interstitial Banner Ads. Just feel in the ad unit ids from Admob.

Social Share

Integrated Social sharing buttons, for WhatsApp, Facebook and more.

Dynamic Settings

Control Menu, Image Rendering, Preview Text, Share Text, Post Page settings, Ads placements, Notification Style dynamically from AndroApp settings page.

WP Super Cache

Cache Mobile content with WP Super Cache, faster page loads, less load on your servers.

Infinite Scroll

Infinite scroll on Home, Category and Tags pages using Android native ListView.


Track every action taken by your users, pageviews, comments count, share count and more.

Native Language

You have full control over the texts used in the app, you can change the text it you don't like or can use any native language you wish.

Swipe Left Right

Easy navigation using left right swipe between posts , gmail like navigation.

Quick Return UI pattern

We are using latest quick return UI pattern, it gives more space to your actual content and at the same time gives nice modern feeling to your app.

Multiple Fonts

Now you can choose from around 20 Google fonts, select the font on runtime as per your websites need.

Splash Screen

Add your company or websites brand image as a splash screen on your app, this is shown for split of seconds and is a nice UI feature for your app.

Go Mobile, it is just the matter of few clicks


It is completely free for the first month, no credit card required

$66/year After the first month
No hidden charges, no extensions/feature wise payment, you get all in one payment
In case of non-payment, your app will continue to work, however, we will display our ads instead